Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes

Still rolling along close to 40 years after emerging from the Jersey Shore, Southside Johnny (nee Lyon) brought his Stax driven bar band sound to the newly renovated Paramount Theater in Huntington New York.  The band played a mixed set comprised of several tunes from the 2010 release Pills And Ammo along with old favorites like Fever and I Don’t Want To Go Home.  Decades on the road have not weakened Johnny’s voice, but rather added a full, throaty roar that would be envied by musicians half his age.

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Joseph Arthur Gallery Show – Able Fine Art, Chelsea NY

Artist-musician-poet Joseph Arthur attended the opening of a gallery show featuring several pieces of his work on February 25th at the Able Fine Art Gallery on West 25th Street.  The crowd was treated to a 2 song set performed by Arthur, along with an impromptu performance painting by Arthur on a nude model.  The event was attended by several well known luminaries including  former REM frontman Michael Stipe, artist/model Sara Conca and creative designers Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz.

The show will be appearing at the Able Fine Art Gallery at 511 W25th Street through March 13


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