Dead & Company Summer Tour – Citi Field

Dead & Company in the first of 2 nights at NY’s Citi Field, with Donna Jean Godchaux






Early summer evening at Citi FieldDead&Co1-25



Jeff ChiantiDead&Co1-20


Micky Hart, 1/2 the Rhythm DevilsDead&Co1-17

Dead&Co1-15 Dead&Co1-14



Jack StrawDead&Co1-8

Mayer and WeirDead&Co1-7

Oteil and DonnaDead&Co1-6

Mayer and WeirDead&Co1-3

The old Shakedown Street disco ball….Dead&Co1


5 thoughts on “Dead & Company Summer Tour – Citi Field”

  1. Nice work Bill. I’ve got some questions about shooting Dead & Co. I’m shooting next Sunday at Alpine

    1. Hey Stephen – fire away, hope I can help out. Main thing to keep in mind is it’s a soundboard shoot, not sure the size of your venue but think you’ll need a loooong lens. Let me know if you need any other info, good luck!

    2. I’m shooting this Saturday at fenway. Since I’m only aloud to shoot from the soundboard, im curious about lens focal length. I’ll be shooting with a D500 body. Would a 400mm be fine or should I go bigger?

      1. So sorry I just saw this, hope you got some good stuff. I usually shoot with a 400, unless they moved the board way back that is enough reach. I’m shooting at Citi on Saturday, looking forward to the show!

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